2M has been found and today is led by Francesco Muraca, a bicycle frame builder with 30-year experience.

The firm has faced all the trends that the bicycle field undertook in the last decades, whether they were in shapes or in materials. It produces high-quality frames of every kind, working with several materials such as aluminum, steel and carbon fiber. Every piece is custom made. Clients are both individuals and professionals teams, taking part in national and international competitions, such as Giro d'Italia and Tour de France. Its frames are well-known and internationally appreciated, expecially in Germany and Japan, where the firm provides products for shops and prestigious brands.

When composite materials made their very first entry in the bicycle field, Muraca knew the potential of this innovation. In a few years the firm has developed production methods and knowledge for the use of composites, making it able to answer to the new market request. The quality and prestige of the products has increased with the change.

Nowadays 2M wants to accept this experience and apply it to new and different fields, taking up with enthusiasm the constant challenges from technology and design.