2M manufactures components and structural parts in composite materials developing every stage of production: design, prototyping, finishing. The firm takes advantage of an area of 1200 sqm including 4 divisions:

MACHINE SHOP where main production stages take place. Here, next to standard machines, there are other devices designed by 2M to satisfy particular needs and requirements. 2M works with different materials other than carbon fiber such as steel and aluminium.

COMPOSITE MATERIALS SECTOR: here carbon components and their moulds are manufactured. 2M has an autoclave of 16 m3. The more adapted production methods and technologies are garantee of high performance and quality of products.

PAINTING SECTOR: 2M respects the latest rules concerning environment. In two modern rooms every kind of painting is processed.

GRAPHIC AND OFFICE: in this area components are designed by graphic softwares. Two main cut and print plotters serve the graphic and painting stages. Solutions are developed in order to satisfy any clients need.

2M is specialized in manifacturing tailored bicycle frames in carbon fiber. The firm follows the full cycle of production: from the construction of moulds and tubes, to the assembly and finishing. On demand paint is made.